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Our exclusive collection of Movon accessories integrates Bluetooth Car kit, Bluetooth handsfree speaker, Bluetooth wrist band and Bluetooth wireless stereo headset etc. All the accessories are best for you and you can easily get this with only single click of mouse. Movon MK20 is an excellent can kit that boast loads of latest features. Now have an experience of the best quality of voice call with Movon MK20. Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and full duplex function help to increase call quality. Just place Movon Bluetooth car kit in your car and you are ready to enjoy uninterrupted communication without touching your mobile. Just press and hold the hotline key, and the Bluetooth receiver will be activated in a couple of seconds. Get Movon MK20 Bluetooth and never miss a single call while driving.

Get ultimate Movon handsfree and enjoy the wire-free solution. This device connects your mobile phone via Bluetooth and you can make & receive calls from this device efficiently and effectively. Now talk abundantly with Movon MK20 Bluetooth even if your phone is in your pocket or anywhere in the room. Find out more Movon gadgets on and boost up your style statement.
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