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Affiliate Program - Terms of Agreement

Terms of Agreement

This agreement describes the terms and conditions that apply to your participation in the affiliate program as a publisher/affiliate. As used in this agreement, "we" or "us" refer to, "you" or "your" refers to the participant or publisher. This is a legal agreement between you and By accepting the terms of this publisher agreement, you are stating that you have fully read and understood the terms set forth herein and are indicating your acceptance of this agreement and agree to be bound by its terms.

To begin: To begin the enrollment process, you will submit a complete application to our business partners Affiliate Network – Affiliate future and/or affiliate window. We will then evaluate your application in good faith and verify the content of your website, if you have one.

Networks we are working with will notify you if your application is rejected. We may reject your application at any time if we determine that your site is unsuitable for the program for any reason. Violation includes, but is not limited to, your site including images or content that promotes obscene materials, child pornography, promotion of violence, promotion of discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, age, promotion of illegal activities, or violation of intellectual property rights and/or copyrights or trademarks. We may reject your application if we found your site which is not in relevancy our products.

Information provided by you: As we work with renowned affiliate networks, the information provided by you will be kept private to them. We will only be able to see few details of yours such as name, website URL, your performance as per mentioned in privacy policy of respective affiliate networks.

Order processing: We will be responsible for processing orders referred by you. Orders will be processed within the time line provided by affiliate networks and there will be no delay whatsoever is the condition. Orders that are declined will have the reason for decline indicated at the time of validation. The reason for declining or rejecting affiliates order can be any of the following:

  • Customer failed the security check
  • Customer called back to cancel the order
  • Customer found violating our terms
  • Payment services did not cleared the payment
  • Stock issues
  • Non-affiliates voucher codes used by customers*

* We have separate affiliate program section with different commission structure for voucher code sites in affiliate future and we request voucher codes sites to subscribe to that affiliate program. The sales delivered by affiliate sites using voucher codes will be declined, unless customers use voucher codes provided to affiliates for promotion.

Commission will be calculated on the price of the product sold, only if the order is completely approved.


Commission payouts on sales generated through affiliate accounts will be paid as per the terms of affiliate networks and your choice of payouts. We will make sure that we pay affiliate networks as per our terms and assure that there will be no backlog. For more details of payment from affiliate network, please refer respective payout policy of affiliate networks.

Qualifying products: All products listed in our advertiser’s website may be changed or new products may be added at any time. This includes any price changes according to market conditions or any price alteration given by a specific manufacture. Notifications will be sent via email.

Copyright and trademark material: Affiliates cannot use the copyright content (product description, graphics etc.) of the website.

Affiliates should not create a website, which appears or looks similar to that of website.

Affiliates are not allowed to register a domain with “” in their domain name nor are they allowed to create a sub domain which has “” in their domain name.

  • Can include in subfolders, in sub domain of display URL SE adverts
  • Cannot use or operate domains that contain specifically.
  • Can use in your ad copy title & body
  • You cannot show the adverts using:
    • Our domain “” or its slightest misspellings such as,, etc as keywords
    • Competitor’s trademarks as keywords
    • in URL
  • You can show adverts using:
    • Generic terms along with brand terms ( as keywords.
    • Phones, mobile phones or mobilefones, etc. as keywords
  • Stock issues
  • Non-affiliates voucher codes used by customers*

Rights reserved: reserves all rights to approve or decline affiliate applications anytime. No further communication will be done in the case of rejection of affiliate applications, once notified. expects ethical business practice from its affiliates. Failure in doing so will make the affiliate eligible for termination of the affiliate’s commission. All pending commission will be cancelled in this case.

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