Earlier the most important things for any person were food, clothing and shelter. However, with the advent of technology and considering how deeply and prominently technology has seeped in our daily lives, the list has grown by a few new entrants. The two most important ones are mobile phones and computer. Mobile phones hold an upper hand as compared to computers. With the steady decrease in the call rates and the short messaging service becoming almost free, mobile phones have become an integral part of most of the humans.

Mobile Phones

As frequently as today’s generation changes their minds, they change their mobile phones in a similar fashion. One of the main reasons behind this is that people get bored of uniformity and are always craving for some kind of change. As a result, the sales of mobile phones have touched exponential figures with many people carrying two mobile phones simultaneously. While the internet provides a comfortable and easy way to buy the brand and model of mobile phone you like, the physical stores are still ahead of them. This is because they give the prospective buyers the touch and feel of the mobile phones and often ends in the sale of a different brand of mobile phone which the buyer intended to buy.

Mobile Phones

Going by the current number of mobile phones being produced and sold, we can say that they are here to stay for a long time until a better alternative is out in the market. Also, by looking at the current use of mobile phones by everyone, we can say that they’re on the way to replacing dogs as man’s best friend.

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